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Get an Instant Quote for a Business Phone System

We offer business phone systems either on a rental or purchase basis. To get an idea of how much it could cost, please use the quick quotation section below. Simply use the up or down arrow buttons for each phone and add your desired quantity into your quotation. You can mix and match phone sets suitable to your budget and needs. The price includes the telephone server/switch at our end and is subject to a rental contract of at least 36 months. We assume one handset per user or extension.

Desk phones for general use

These are nice looking entry level desk phones great for day to day communication needs. There are more expensive phones further down the page. If you select those, the price will vary accordingly.

Reception phones

These are nice looking, feature enriched phones for receptionists. You can add an expansion module which shows if a user is busy or away and offers quick transfer features.

Phones for Managers and Executives

These phones are better looking telephones, have more features, offer high quality audio and additional features that executives or managers like, such as conferencing, listening in and barging into a call.

Wireless phones

These are wireless phones, you can keep one handset on your desk and keep one with you if you roam around the office. Useful for receptionists who do multi-tasking.

Conference phones

For crystal clear sound quality with noise cancellation features, these phones are used in boardrooms, meeting rooms and in conference rooms. Telephone conferencing could not be easier.

Local, national, international and non-geographical numbers

We can provide additional Direct Dial numbers form £1.49 a month. Local or national numbers such as 0207 and non geo numbers,such as 0800, 0845, 0870 etc. We can also provide international numbers.


Already have handsets & Interested in lines only?

For rented option, one line per handset is included. If you want to buy the handsets outright, one line costs £4.49/per month instead £14.95 with BT. For handset prices, please call 0115 3360 115.

Our Quotation: £/Per Month

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The above quote includes system/switches that bind the phones together, hosting if required, installation, training and full maintenance for the initial 24 months. The maintenance package can be renewed after £24 months from as little as £5/m per extension. Rental approval is subject to a credit check. If you need to port your existing numbers, there will be a one off fee of upto £99. If you have different handsets requirements, then please let us know. We can provide you a quotation accordingly. This quote is based on the SIP/VoIP system but we can support analogue and ISDN lines. Just let us know your requirements. We can also provide a call recording system if you need one.

Interested in renting a business phone system?

We offer the best of breed business phone systems of all size of business. You can rent or buy a system according to your needs. Most customers go for the rental option as it does not require a capital cost. You just pay a monthly fee based on the number of handsets you require.

Keep your business connected around-the-clock

The business phone system can both be deployed at your office premises and hosted from the secure data centre. Redefine how your business communicates and connects with the rest of the globe. Replace the traditional phone system with the state-of-the-art business phone solutions.  

Rent Business Phones, providing you with utmost flexibility, budget-friendly deals and efficiency in business.  

Sign up for an intuitive and feature-rich system, suitable for all business sizes. Make use of the most effective telecommunication solution in the UK with a flexible system adaptable to all your business specifications, giving your company the best phone solution.  

Raise your business standard with the best business phone solution in town

Rent Business Phone offers you trouble-free, hassle-free, smooth communication that easily falls within your budget fulfilling and meeting all your business requirements. If you are a start-up, small-sized or a medium-sized business, you just need to visit what we offer to choose the budget-friendly package fulfilling your corporate criteria. It’s that easy! 

We allow you to get rid of what bothers you, and remove negative impressions on your clients and customers. If it is related with communication, we have the solution for you. Bring in efficiency, become cost-effective with the business phone solution only from Rent Business Phone. Call 0116 3360 115 now for more information and for further queries.

Why Rent from Us
A Instant Activation
Once you have signed up, your service is activated within minutes
B Delivered Pre-configured
We'll deliver your chosen hand sets pre configured
C Add more instantly
Adding more phones is easy and instant
D Ongoing Cost Control
You can control ongoing costs using various tools.
E No Capital Cost
No investment is required. Just pay a monthly fee & save thousands
F Easy to Use
Once you have signed up, your service is activated within minutes
G Geographical Numbers
Add local, national or international numbers, all at a fixed cost.  
H International Numbers
Add international numbers for your customers abroad. 
I Special Numbers
Add special numbers, vanity numbers and toll free numbers etc.
J Voicemail
Company wide voicemail, that can be personalised.
K Do Not Disturb
In a meeting? no problem. Just press one button and calls are diverted to vm.
L Voicemail to email
on your smartphone, where ever you are.
M Password Security
Password protected special numbers & trunks
N Works from anywhere
Work from home, office or from a location abroad. All for Free.
O Call Analysis Reports
See who is using the phone at what time and how much each user is spending etc.
P One Bill
One bill for all lines. Same rate. Easy to pay via direct debit or bank transfer.
Q Dedicated Server
Dedicated system for your use for maximum quality and privacy.
R Call Recording
Record calls on the fly or record all - optional add-on available.
S Call Monitoring
Listen, record & Playback calls for quality and training purposes.
T Call Groups
Create groups and divert calls based on the number dialed or IVR selection
U Remote Agents
Make use of international agents. They can be anywhere in the world.
V Onsite or Hosted
Choose if you need the system hosted onsite or in a data centre.
W On-Hold Music or Ad
Add on-hold music, or a marketing message while on hold
X Schedule Holidays
Pre-set holiday messages, prompts and schedules.
Y Custom Voice Prompts
Add custom voice prompts, background music
Z IVRs & More...
Program options on keys. i.e. 1 for sales, 2 for accounts etc. Unlimited.